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Merced, CA
Team USA Shooting Complex and Olympic Training Center

Proposed non profit organization developed on a Brownfield Site for public use.
Proposed site is at Merced Wastewater Treatment Plant
Zoned light industry with no noise limitations
Proposed for an area not currently or proposed to be used by the wastewater treatment plant any time in the future.
Sponsored entities
Merced Fish & Game has been in existence since 1917 as a 501 (c) (4) corporation
CNRF in existence since 1983 as a non profit 501 (c) (3).
California Golden State Trap Shooters Association has pledged up to $250 Thousand for this facility.
Team USA has pledged up to $500 Thousand for this facility.
Likely Corporate Sponsors
All current sponsors for the World Olympic Committee.
Additionally: Winchester-Orland Company, Remington, DuPont, Any suppliers to the United States Olympic Team
Economic Impact
Atlanta, Georgia Olympic Training Center has been closed. There are no other comprehensive training centers of this caliber in existence with this closing. The Atlanta facility was stated to infuse in excess $5 million into the local economy. What would this do to the local Merced economy just based on the Olympic activity alone?
The California Golden State Trap Shooters Association (CGSTA) guarantees to hold their state sponsored event in Merced and to make this facility their home base. The state shoot currently held in Kingsburg brings approximately $1 Million into their local economy. The Kingsburg shoot has been promised for the Merced facility.
Satellite Grand Shoot would bring in an additional $1 Million to the local economy.
There are another 10 events that would use this facility. They include but are not limited to:

World Skeet
International Shooting Sport Federation World Cup
North American Skeet
Western Zone ATA
Nor-Cal Skeet
Pacific Grand PITA
West Coast Boy Scouts of America Fundraiser
Ducks Unlimited North American Shoot Fundraiser
National Boy Scout Fundraiser
Ducks Unlimited West Coast Shoot Fundraiser
California Waterfowl Association State Fundraiser

Merced currently has 900+/- hotel and motel rooms. There are sufficient rooms to handle the participants expected to travel and stay in Merced for these shooting activities. The impact of approximately $8,000 per day from hotel-motel taxes alone can be a boom for the local economy.
This could be a boom for NCAA Shooting events.
Numbers for sporting clays and a regional police training center have not been calculated.

Teenage Girls Taking Up Shotgun Sports in Record Numbers

Parents Give Competitive Shooting High Marks for Youth Development. By Steve Wagner, NSSF

NEWTON, Conn. - The number of teenage girls participating in shotgun sports is up dramatically over the past five years, surveys show.
And there's every indication that parents are pleased with their daughters' new pastime.
Across the sports of trap, skeet and sporting clays, the number of female participants age 12-17 rose 56 percent - from 133,000 to 208,000 - between 1999 and 2004, according to a National Sporting Goods Association report.
The upward trend also has been seen in the National Shooting Sports Foundation's (NSSF) Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), which in 2005 alone saw an 84 percent increase in participation by girls from elementary-through high-school age.
"Nationwide, over a third of all female participants in shotgun sports today ar under 24. There's a growing youth movement in shooting, and it's a credit to the many programs that are opening doors and creating opportunities for women of all ages to enjoy outdoor lifestyles," said Cyndi Dalena, NSSF director of shooting sports development.
In a 2005 SCTP survey, 94 percent of parents said the competitive shooting program is a positive influence in their child's development. Overwhelmingly, parents observed improved responsibility, teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership skills. In fact, 98 percent of SCTP parents believe shooting is just as important as other sports, and 94 percent would support shotgun sports as a school-based athletic program.
"Part of the attraction and uniqueness of trap, skeet and sporting clays is that girls can compete with boys. Shooting is not all about strength or speed. It's also about coordination and concentration, and more and more girls are discovering that those skills are great equalizers," said Dalena.
Overall, there were 1,309,000 total female participants of all ages in shotgun sports in 2004, up 11 percent from 1,177,000 in 1997.
Growth also is being documented in hunting. Between 1997 and 2004, 2,426,000 women of all ages hunted, up more than 20 percent compared to 2,018,000 in 1998.
SCTP, now in its fifth year, provides school-age girls and boys nationwide with the chance to compete as a team for state and national championships in trap, skeet and sporting clays. Other youth development programs like 4-H Shooting Sports and the Boy Scouts of America's Venturing Program are also opportunities for youths to get involved in shooting sports.
The Becoming an Outdoors Woman program and the National Wild Turkey Federation's (NWTF) Women in the Outdoors program focus specifically on introducing women to activities like shooting and hunting. NWTF, the National Rifle Association, Second Amendment Foundation and other organizations also publish outdoor or shooting magazines especially for women.
Other programs like NSSF's STEP OUTSIDE program introduce newcomers - including many girls and women - to shooting as well as hunting, fishing and archery.

For more information, visit www.nssf.org and www.nsga.org

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